Gay Marriage isn’t About Christianity So Much as Christian Nationalism

Eerie coincidence or scholar-geist?*

From last month’s RD interview with Leslie J. Harris, associate professor of communications at the UW-Milwaukee:

I’ve become convinced that today’s debate about same-sex marriage is not simply about preserving a seemingly sacred and unchanging institution, or securing particular rights and privileges. Rather, it is about negotiating the boundaries of American-ness.

From yesterday’s RNS blog post by political science prof Daniel Bennett:

[S]ame-sex marriage is about more than morality or ideology. It is about how people view the United States of America.

*It’s been brought to my attention that this post could be read as an implication of plagiarism, which was the furthest thing from my mind. I meant only to highlight how fascinating it is that two entirely different data sets yielded a similar, though slightly unusual, conclusion. 


  •' jfigdor says:

    The battle against same-sex marriage is essentially the battle for special rights and privileges for religious people to discriminate against people they don’t like. The more religions demand special treatment and privileges, the more clear their hypocrisy becomes, and the easier it becomes for a new generation to grow out of their religious beliefs.

  •' NancyP says:

    Some people can’t imagine living without scapegoats.

  •' Frank6548 says:

    There goes the validity of the fallacious claims that anyone who stands up for Gods Design for marriage and sexuality is a bigot or homophobe. Of course smart people knew that already.

  •' Andre M says:

    So, they’re not a bigot or a homophobe because they’re a nationalist? You know those things aren’t mutually exclusive, right?

  •' Craptacular says:

    “…fallacious claims that anyone who stands up for gods design…is a bigot or homophobe…” -Frank6548

    No, it’s their bigotry and homophobia that make them a bigot or a homophobe. “Standing up for gods design” just means they are not reliant on factual data when voicing their opinions regarding marriage.

  •' apotropoxy says:

    1. That’s not plagiarism. It’s presenting the same widely held idea in your own words.
    2. The struggle over what is American traces back to before this place was a country. The shift from theocratic communes of the Pilgrim period to Enlightenment-inspired government tells the tale. The theocrats are making a comeback and they have fear on their side again.

  •' GeniusPhx says:

    Make absolute sense. It’s about maintaining christian preferentialism in our government and laws, and not about that specific issue. That’s huge.

    But we were never intended to be a christian nation thus the establishment clause. The states had established religions but that ended around the time of the 14th amendment. Washington wrote the treaty of tripoli, which said we are not and never intended to be a christian nation. It was signed by Adams and the entire congress. When the post office was created they delivered mail 7 days a week for the first 120 years, even though the christians protested loudly constantly. It only stopped when the telegraph took its place.

    Separation of church and state law didn’t get written into law until 1947, and man are the christians pissed.

  •' Tige Gibson says:

    Some people can’t imagine living with responsibility for their own state of affairs.

  •' Aravis Tarkheena says:

    How does it feel to be losing state by state?

    You guys haven’t won one yet.

  •' BobSF_94117 says:

    Uh… I would think that seeking to get legally married and have your family recognized is taking responsibility, no? Or is that also just for heterosexuals?

  •' Tige Gibson says:

    It doesn’t occur to the people who oppose gay marriage that there is any context of family or responsibility in such a thing.

    The reaction to gay marriage, on a collective level rather than individually, really is an effort to secure religion’s grip on government. Believers are convinced they will avert a delusional fate, moral decay and destruction, caused by social progress.

    If there were ever anything really wrong in their country, they are incapable of acknowledging it let alone rectifying it, because of their religious obsession.

    Like criminals who adopt religion in prison, it is so very easy to appear superficially more moral, redeemed, whitewash their impropriety, yet actually do nothing worthwhile, even barbaric things, in the name of religion. It’s easier to understand the opponent of gay marriage as a psychopath desperately afraid of being exposed.

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  •' Scott Long says:

    When have publicly vocal bigots ever not later been caught having gay sex?

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