Is Liberal Zionism Dead?


That’s a question that has been discussed quite a bit lately, as liberal Zionists raise red flags about right-ward, anti-democratic trends in Israel, as well as Operation Protective Edge. In a bloggingheads episode during which we also discussed my piece here, “The Collapse of the American Jewish Center,” political scientist Brent Sasley and I debated the liberal Zionist crisis.

You can watch the whole episode here.

  • Jim Reed

    I think you are asking the wrong question. The question should be,
    Is conservative (fill in the blank) falling off the deep end?

  • Jim Reed

    I don’t think you have told us where you come down on all these. J street? If not now? Spiritual but not religious? Or do you not like to comment for the sake of journalism?

  • S N Smith

    Liberal zionism is still zionism and it needs to go

  • Husband of the Moonlight

    “Liberal Zionist” is simply an ‘oxymoron’ ; a true Liberal could never be anything but an Atheist—or to be more precise a “non-theist”. Being a “believer” in ANY DEITY OR RELIGION REQUIRES THE BELIVER TO BECOME A SLAVE TO “FAITH” WHICH IS NOTHING MORE THAN FICTION AND IMAGINATION.
    “Faith is believing in something you doesn’t exist” Mark Twain

  • ‘Husband’, you took the words out of my fingers, at least your first phrase did. I would add it is the oxymoron of the worst kind because it is a self-delusion that one puts on oneself like the Emperor’s New Clothes. Since Zionism requires a racist perspective of race superiority and exclusive control of geography in the name of race, that project can never be a liberal project because equality of people regardless of race is a non-negotiable feature of a liberal perspective.
    However, I don’t agree with the assessment that being a believer in any religion makes it impossible to be a liberal or even better yet a progressive. That assertion is an example of category confusion. A person can be a liberal or conservative on the political dimension regardless of their position on the religious dimension as an atheist, non-theist, pantheist, panentheist, monotheist, polytheist, etc. I’m Buddhist and I recognize there are conservative rightwing Buddhists as well as my kind of radical progressive Buddhists. There are wackadoo right wingnut conservative non-theists as well as liberal non-theists.

  • Aravis Tarkheena

    Explain that to the millions of Reform Jews.