Jewish? Ready for Hillary?

“Throughout her career, Hillary Clinton has fought for the issues that matter most to Jewish Americans,” reads the new section of the web site of the Super PAC Ready for Hillary, Jewish Americans Ready for Hillary! (Don’t forget the exclamation point to indicate your ultimate readiness). “In every corner of this country, members of the Jewish American community are signing up to say that they are Ready for Hillary!” (Again.)

According to a press release from Clinton’s effusive Jewish supporters, Rachel Schneider, Ready for Hillary’s Jewish Americans Director who also serves as Ready for Hillary’s Young Americans Director wants to appeal “to people who want Hillary to run and who identify as a Jewish American to join and to help recruit other Jews to join in this special effort.”

Here’s the best part:

“This effort isn’t only about money,” says [Fran] Katz Watson, the Democratic political fundraiser and former finance director for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). “But it certainly includes money. We want your names, we want your time, we want your enthusiasm, but we also want a little of your money,” she says. “If it’s $20.16, $100.00, or Ready for Hillary’s $25,000 maximum contribution, we hope you will participate in every way you can.”

(Pro tip: if you’re going to put out a statement that your effort isn’t about fundraising, don’t quote a professional fundraiser, who then goes on to ask for money.)

But what about voters of other religions? Do they also want to be targeted with exclamation points? Are Muslims Ready for Hillary!? Christians? Buddhists? No. No. And no! But don’t worry, Faith Groups are Ready for Hillary, with the requisite punctuation.