Moving Right Along: A Note to Readers

Dear loyal (and new) readers,

We’re proud to announce that after more than a decade of publishing at this URL—through numerous design, leadership, and institutional changes—Religion Dispatches has hitched our wagon to Rewire.News! Going forward, RD will maintain its identity, editorial leadership, and commitment to lively writing, expert analysis, and unpredictable takes on the most important news and thought on religion—only we’ll be doing it as a vertical of Rewire.News.

Important odds and ends:

  • For the time being, RD’s newsletter will continue without any significant changes. Sign up for Rewire.News‘ newsletter here (which will include RD content), and sometime down the line there will be an option to subscribe to an RD-focused newsletter from Rewire.News for those who are interested.
  • RD’s Twitter and Facebook accounts will also remain, so be sure to follow us and Rewire.News.
  • Our archives will stay right where they are. Ten years of RD stories will be accessible until the last light of the internet flickers out and we all go to our eternal home… Wherever that might be, whatever it might look like, and whether it even is.

Thank you for the first 10 Years… onward and upward to the next 10!