Muslims and Christians Bond Over Gay Rights

So, apparently there is something that makes right-wing Christians like Muslims, and that’s “teh Gays.”

Since granting human rights to homosexuals is objectionable to the Organization of Islamic Countries, they staged a walk-out when the issue was discussed at a UN meeting. This action was probably the most organized the OIC has been on an issue that didn’t involve lining the pockets of their member states with filthy lucre, or implicitly allowing the wholesale slaughter of their co-religionists.

So the OIC has two things to be proud of on this front, they got their members to perform an action, and they a bunch of ‘phobes (Islamo-, homo-, xeno-, etc.)  to like them for a minute. Jackasses leading dumbasses. You can debate who’s who.'

Hussein Rashid is a native New Yorker and Proud Muslim. Currently an instructor at the Center for Spiritual Inquiry at Park Avenue Christian Church and based at Hofstra University, he is deeply committed to interfaith work and is passionate about teaching. He believes we need to start talking more intelligently about Islam specifically, and religion generally.