Religious Belief = Mental Illness: A More Venomous Response

If humanists ever adopt the concept of sainthood to honor their most impressive members, I hope that Chris Stedman is their inaugural inductee. For those unfamiliar with Stedman’s work, he is a humanist chaplain and author who consistently tries to foster engage and understanding between believers and non-believers and does so with remarkable diplomacy and tact. And his recent article on reasons that atheists shouldn’t equate religion with mental illness was no exception. But I think the hypocrisy and arrogance of this tactic merits a little more venom. So here’s a little more venom.'

Alana Massey, a staff writer at BuzzFeed, is a graduate of New York University and Yale Divinity School, where she studied the increasing political legitimacy of religious political parties and the potential implications for trade, energy, and economic policy. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. 

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