That Jew Died For You… Dot Com

Below is a new little Easter greeting from the good people at Jews for Jesus (aka evangelical Christians) called, tastefully enough, “That Jew Died For You.” (Note to self: still available.)

It’s like JfJ are PETA now…willing to do anything for publicity. I fully expect them to open a Jesus deli downtown:

As one friend put it: “It’s got potential. Kosher style. Lamb-of-God chops. Wood-smoked bacon.” The upside there is that it’d pit PETA against JfJ in a tasteless deathmatch. 

Evan Derkacz, editor of Religion Dispatches, was previously an editor and writer at the award-winning web magazine from 2003-2007. Before that, he worked for Tikkun magazine. His writing has appeared in McSweeney's, AlterNet, The Huffington Post and Start Making Sense (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2004). He has been interviewed on Air America and Pacifica Radio.

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