The Mormon Version of Infallibility

Patricia Miller’s recent RD posts critiquing the “Francis Effect” and characterizing the pope as “more like a mascot than a leader” got me thinking about how Mormons see their prophets.

There’s an old saying: “Catholics say the pope is infallible but don’t really believe it; Mormons say the prophet is fallible but don’t really believe it.”

To prove at least the Mormon half of that theory, try an experiment suggested by Michael J. Stevens, who holds a PhD in organizational behavior and is chair of the Department of Business Administration at Weber State University. As part of a priesthood lesson one Sunday, Stevens wrote the following statement on the board:'

Holly Welker [@hollywelker] has an MFA in nonfiction writing and PhD in literature from the University of Iowa. Her poetry and prose have appeared in publication ranging from Seventeen to Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought to Bitch to the New York Times. Born and raised in southern Arizona, she currently lives in northern Utah.

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