Tropical Storm Isaac Bears Down on RNC

Weather forecasters are keeping an eye on tropical storm Isaac, heading for Florida with Tampa and the Republican National Convention in its path.

Is it a sign from God?  That’s what the Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank cheekily suggested yesterday, stringing together the bad forecast with Missouri Representative Todd Akins’s atrocious comments on “legitimate rape” and the public relations disaster of that sort of blasphemous Republican skinny-dip in the Sea of Galillee—yes, the place where Jesus walked on water.

But there’s another way to look at this.

Everyone knows that crises are opportunities.  And no one loves emergency preparedness more than Mormons.  I myself have a 72-hour kit in my bedroom closet, an earthquake-ready pair of running shoes, whistle, and a flashlight under every bed in the house, and 9 months of rice and beans in the garage.  (Although I do expect our supplies will run out in about 48 hours because we’re the types that feed the neighbors.)

Mitt Romney, this tropical storm is in your wheelhouse.  I bet your pragmatic mind is spinning through all the logistics. 72 hour kits for everyone!  You can do this!