10 Pro-LGBT #ChristiansVote Tweets From Anti-Gay, Pro-Trump Hashtag Hijack

During the final, frenzied hours of the 2016 election, both candidates are making their final pleas to supporters, while average citizens implore their friends, family, and social media circles to get out and cast their ballots. But one Twitter hashtag intended to encourage Christians to vote for Donald Trump has been taken over by progressive Christians who say their faith calls them to stand up for the marginalized and the oppressed, and to reject the categorical hatred that this year’s GOP nominee has built his campaign upon.

Originally started by the right-wing, anti-LGBT National Religious Broadcasters, the hashtag #ChristiansVote was intended to amplify faithful support for the so-called traditional values that some claim the Trump campaign, and the Republican Party in general, stand for. (Nevermind that the GOP candidate routinely violates many of the central edicts of the “traditional values” crowd, from his three separate marriages, to his alleged sexual assault of women, to his flip-flopping stance on abortion, to his well-documented tendency to lie, cheat, and swindle those who’ve entered into business with him.)

The hashtag was co-opted by Believe Out Loud, a nonpartisan campaign that elevates pro-LGBT voices within faith communities. The nonprofit launched its hashtag hijack on Wednesday, exactly one week before Election Day.

Consider the tweets below a form of self-care, and a gentle reminder that people really can be good, tolerant, and loving, despite the vitriol that surrounds us.