8 Great Hanukkah Clips from TV

Note: The second clip below (it may be after the jump depending on how you got to this post) begins playing automatically. You may want to pause it before reading and enjoying the videos. — eds.

Most articles during the course of Hanukkah’s 8 days will remind you about the holiday’s history or, perhaps, relate stories about how various communities are celebrating. Not being Jewish and growing up in the Bible belt, everything I learned about Hanukkah I learned from television. So, I figure that’s good enough for you too. Here are 8 videos—one for each night of the holiday—that cover everything from the Maccabees to Hanukkah Harry to the Holiday Armadillo. Enjoy.

Night 1- It wouldn’t be Hanukkah on TV without Adam Sandler’s classic tribute to famous Jews everywhere:


Night 2- The story of the Maccabees as told by the Rugrats, complete with pop-up scrolls…

Night 3- Elmo learns all about Hanukkah

Night 4- The Nanny tries to keep her family together for the first night of Hanukkah:

Night 5- Southpark’s Mr. Hankey sings a Hanukkah song:

Night 6- The Holiday Armadillo brings Hanukkah to Friends:

Night 7- Hanukkah Harry saves Easter on Saturday Night Live:

Night 8- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart offers its best Hanukah moments: