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Sex, the Body, the World: It’s R. Crumb’s Bible Now

…y, wasn’t he an honorary Jew, with the Woody Allen neuroses and his Harvey Pekar connections, and his wife, his wife!) who loved us! Of course it’s not entirely new—the dark and erotic “Jewess” features in the European literary imagination (philo- and anti-Semitism often inhabit neighboring regions), and I suppose she is, technically, a third cousin to Crumb’s juicier women. But sitting in the audience of the JCC and watching her up their with Cru…

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LGBT Activists Challenge Church Anti-Marriage Efforts; Gov’t in Belize Creates Church-State ‘Public Morality’ Commission; Opponents Seek To Stop Finland’s Marriage Equality Law Before It Takes Effect; Global LGBT Recap

…nk had barely dried on the parliamentary decision when two citizens, Jukka-Pekka Rahkonen and Pasi Turunen, started a counter-initiative and founded the Aito avioliitto (Genuine Matrimony) association. The group seeks to undo the gender-neutral Marriage Act and keep legal marriage exclusively between a man and woman in Finland. The movement’s main justification is children’s right to both a mother and father. They also argue that procreation is de…

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Freezing Our Way to a Fiery Hell?

…where Dr. Ian Malcolm explains chaos as a butterfly flapping its wings in Peking and causing rain in Central Park. That’s global warming. Just because it’s colder here doesn’t mean the whole place isn’t heading toward Hell. The data don’t lie, and that’s the course we’ve charted. Why doesn’t the alarm stay high on global warming (excuse me, climate change)? Read a book about the state of the environment, this one perhaps. If my experience is anyt…

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Australians Vote Overwhelmingly For Marriage Equality; and More in Global LGBT Recap

…d tolerance in predominantly Buddhist nation At The Wire, Chencho Dema and Peky Samal write about the LGBT community’s search for acceptance in Bhutan, where sodomy or “unnatural sex” is against the law. “While Bhutan is predominantly Buddhist and teaches values like compassion and tolerance,” they write, “its laws are highly unfavorable toward the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) community that forms a tiny segment of its society.”…

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