AFA’s Fischer Calls Breivik’s Manifesto “Accurate”

Right Wing Watch flags the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer’s column, in which he describes Anders Breivik’s manifesto as “accurate,” even though he doesn’t agree with massacring people. Although Fischer devotes most of his column to denouncing the idea that Breivik is a Christian, he does write:

Much of his analysis of cultural trends in Europe and the danger created by Islamic immigration and inflitration is accurate. But clear thinking Westerners and every Christian I know believes these problems can be solved through public policy rather than mass murder.

Breivik’s angst was caused by the presence of so many Muslims in Norway and Europe, which he correctly observes is leading to “cultural annihilation.” But he blames their presence not on the Muslims themselves but on the “cultural Marxists” and their obsession with diversity and unrestricted Islamic immigration. So he went after the Marxists rather than the Muslims.

(emphasis added). Fischer (whose columns always include the disclaimer that his views “do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio,” even though he is the AFA’s Director of Issue Analysis) has called for the deportation of Muslims and for a ban on building mosques. Indeed, in this context, he has employed the same denunciation of “political correctness” and “multiculturalism” that Breivik does. For example, in April 2010, Fischer wrote:

Bottom line: every Muslim who enters the United States carries within his bosom the seeds of sedition. It is dangerously foolish for the United States to invite folks inside our borders whose god orders them, through his holy prophet, to murder American infidels. . . .

If we separate ourselves for a moment from the rampant and mindless political correctness and multiculturalism which controls the thinking of the elites, and the ordinary Americans who allow the elite to do their thinking for them, it is obviously and plainly nuts to throw out the welcome mat to those who have a religious obligation to obliterate us. It is beyond comprehension that we have become so brain-addled that we regard it a positive virtue to blindly embrace our own destroyers.

(emphasis added). Fischer admits that he shares with Breivik that disdain for “multiculturalism” and “politically correct elites” who are ruining our culture — for Breivik, it’s a “pure” European or Nordic culture; for Fischer, it’s “Judeo-Christian” American culture.

Fischer’s employer, the American Family Association, is the “host” for Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer extravaganza, The Response.