AIPAC and the Israel Lobby: A Graphic Retrospective

References and links are under “Notes” below the third page —ed.




Page 1

Panel 2: Attendance info Clinton’s quote from the State Department Web site.
Panel 4: Rosen’s quote from this 2005 New Yorker article. The comment about Rosen’s past as an espionage defendant concerns his August 4, 2005 Indictment on suspicion of passing US government information to Israel.
Panel 5: Quote from page 2 of Kenen’s book, Israels Defense Line: Her Friends and Foes in Washington.
Panel 7: For a full list of its offices, go here.
Panel 8.1 For more information on the differences, go here.
Panel 8.2 3 page comic below, “Lunch on K Street,” depicts the lobbying process in DC.
Panel 9: Paraphrased from an actual lobbying firm’s Web site.
Panel 10: For more info, visit Open Secrets here and here.

Page 2

Panel 2: (top, horizontal): More info here.
Panel 3: More background on WINEP here (a little out of date, but still relevant). Also for more about the Brookings Institute go here.
Panel 4: Quote taken from a New York Times article.
Panel 5: More on Freedom’s Watch here. For coverage of the story from the Times go here.
Panel 6: Watch FW videos here.
Panel 7: Adelson’s financial status in 2007, can be found here. Quote from the Forward.
Panel 8: Quote from the Dutch documentary program Tegenlicht about the Israel lobby in the USA. View for free online. (Quote appears at 10:21). More information on Christians United for Israel here.

Page 3

Panel 1: Stats from Parade magazine.
Panel 2: Veto list taken from here.
Panel 3: Order the book here. Background here.
Panel 5: More on the anti-Semitic tract in this panel here.
Panel 6: Quote from here.
Panel 7: Obama quote from here.
Panel 8: Kessler appears in this video of the recent AIPAC 2010 Student summit at 3:56.