American Haggadah

Like James Wolcott, I rather fancy the idea of an American Haggadah recounting our nation’s journey from oppression to freedom, to be told each Fourth of July. And like Wolcott, I think Barry Crimmins has the proper angle on the story. I particularly like Crimmins’ closing remarks:

God Bless America and our troops and drones. Eat plenty of hot dogs, they’re really good for you!

As it happens, I made the same point, sort of, in my sermon on the Fourth of July. By any measure, the Jewish retelling of the Jews’ own foundational story doesn’t skip the less-than-flattering parts. The whole Exodus narrative is remarkably harsh for a national myth. If only Americans could be so honest and so faithful in telling their history.

P.S.: I don’t think any of these guys were Jews, but here’s a perfect song for the proposed Haggadah:

Rock ’em back, Sonic!

PPS: the editors inform me that Rob Tyner and Wayne Kramer were in fact of the tribe. I stand, gloriously, corrected.

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