American Preacher Slams US Opposition to Uganda Law

Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin has done extensive reporting about the notorious anti-gay law being considered by Uganda’s parliament—something we’ve covered here at well. This morning Burroway reports on Texas pastor David Dykes, who is in Uganda as part of a Pastoral Care Ministries project. Dykes went on Ugandan television to denounce US government efforts and to encourage the parliament to act. From the video at BTB:

Dykes: I’m extremely upset that our state department is putting pressure on Uganda to recognize homosexual behavior. And I’m praying that Uganda will say, “We don’t want your money, America. It is blood money. It is sin money.” I hope that you will continue to stand strong on what the Bible defines as the definition of a real marriage… In America, Christians are going to put as much pressure as we can on our government not to cut the aid to Uganda over this issue. But if they do decide to do that, we’ll let our displeasure be known, but we’ll try to step in as the Church in America to try to make up sending resources over here, especially to the churches. We hope to stand alongside the believers of Uganda during this time of crisis.

Talk about blood money.