Audio: BBC Conversation On RD’s Letter to Muslims on Same-Sex Marriage

Shortly after Reza Aslan and Hasan Minhaj’s, “An Open Letter to American Muslims,” was first published on RD this past Tuesday, it became clear that it had launched a critical discussion across the United States.

But now, as the subject of BBC’s “World Have Your Say” program (sorry, programme), the letter has jumped our nation’s borders and launched the discussion across the world:

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  •' Jim Reed says:

    In the middle of the broadcast was a comment that these two authors are from the U.S., land of Satan, and their open letter is like holding a gun to people’s heads. In other news today there is something about gun progress here in the land of Satan. A kid in Connecticut mounded a gun on a drone, and did a video firing a few shots. It turns out this is currently legal. That could make the gun to the head thing more practical because there is no risk of the other person pulling a gun and firing back at you.

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