Baldwin Brother’s Apocalyptic Comic

Indie comic publisher BOOM! Studios has announced a new comic series conceived by actor-turned-evangelist Stephen Baldwin, Comic List reports.

BOOM!’s press release describes The Remnant as “A supernatural thriller in the vein of 24,” but the title suggests it’ll be more of a Left Behind knock-off—indeed, it shares its Revelation-inspired title with the tenth book in the Left Behind series. Baldwin states of the series:

“I wanted to do a comic that asked the big questions but answered them in little ways… Philosophy and spirituality are complex beasts, but I believe literature’s purpose is to contextualize these tricky subjects into entertaining stories that speak, not preach, to the reader.”

That may prove a tough claim for Baldwin to live up to—the most complex thing about his preachy book The Unusual Suspect are his truly nonsensical extended metaphors. (The one about the football field, the pit bull, the steak, and the herd of cattle—that’s a doozy.)

BOOM! will be releasing a preview book at Comicon San Diego later this month. In the meantime, they’ve released the preview issue’s cover and a sample page, which suggests that the book will start involve with some heavy Katrinasploitation. Subtle tale about the “big questions,” or train wreck in the making? We’ll know for sure after Comicon.