Beck Visits Israel, Promotes Self as Watchdog of Anti-Semitism

Glenn Beck met with some members of the Knesset in Israel today, mounting a full-court press advance of his Israel rally, Restoring Courage. +972 Mag has great coverage of Beck’s talk at the Knesset today, highlighting his popularity with members of the Likud party, and how he met with the former chairman of an organization designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

Beck’s appearance conveniently shrouds his previous incarnation as promoter of anti-Semitism on his Fox News television show (which had its last airing a couple of weeks ago). Beck’s address to members of the Knesset included him quoting the Book of Ruth “Where you go, I shall go… Your people is my people your God is my God.”

Beck’s address also outlined four points of what he claims to know about Israel, including this juicy one: “anti-Semitism is going to go through the roof. When these conditions appear, it is always the Jews’ fault.” 

Beck’s pandering knows no bounds. This is the same man who was condemned for promoting anti-Semitic tropes by 400 rabbis in a open letter, and he has the audacity to show up in Israel and talk to conservative Knesset members? Rich. What is really priceless, though, is that this is just the warmup for Beck’s keynote appearance at next month’s “Night to Honor Israel” hosted by Christians United for Israel, led by John Hagee.

Beck going to Israel and hosting all of these events reminds me of the tale of the fox and the henhouse. I remain very skeptical of what Glenn Beck’s newfound independence from Fox will bring. His rally, his recent visit to Auschwitz, and a special to be broadcast about the town outside the camp, smacks of a new sideshow Beck is creating that may rival his Fox News stint. Stay tuned. Beck may not have the Fox platform anymore, but he still has a loyal following, and now perhaps even part of an Israeli political party in his back pocket.