Catholic Women Against Contraception

This video, taken last month at the Opus Dei-run Catholic Information Center in Washington, is making its way around anti-choice blogs. Gloria Purvis, who works at a financial services firm but also is a Catholic activist, spoke on a panel “Women Challenging the HHS Mandate.”

Purvis contends contraception is “demeaning to women.”

It’s the church, she says, that “allows me full membership without asking me to check my fertility at the door.”

Purvis framed the question as one of spiritual warfare. “The devil is the enemy of the human person,” she said. “Bigger than liberal vs. conservative, Obama, whatever, this is the enemy of humanity is behind this. As Catholics we have to understand this warfare is a spiritual one, and we can’t sit by and be quiet about it.”

“We have a special gift from God. In our nature, we’re ordained a certain way as women,” Purvis went on. “I see that so undervalued by this whole idea that we need these contraceptive things to be free, to be fully functioning persons in society, to be successful.” She worries about a “hostility to motherhood” resulting from contraception.

“We should be very worried about this,” she said, “because it is an affront to women if it goes unchallenged.”