CBN Exalts Trump for Showing “Power” Over Obama

On his blog, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody pronounces Donald Trump the winner in birth certificate-gate because he “FORCED this White House into releasing the birth certificate.” (testestorone-all-caps in original). Brody, who loves to also tap into his Jew-turned-evangelical roots, goes on:

This is why Trump is resonating with many conservatives. He’s not ashamed to take on Obama with gusto, arrogance and yes, chutzpah (look it up!).

Brody somehow imagines Trump as the Republicans’ strongman, the one who rises above all those other Republican wallflowers who never deign to say anything outrageous about the president:

All the other candidates criticize Obama in a more seasoned, political way. It’s boring. Trump brings the heat. He is the “inside voice” of many conservatives in this country and truth be told, he actually may be the inner voice of many Independent voters in this country as well.

Oh, yes, Trump is the rich, powerful white guy who put that black president in his place, didn’t he? All those other Republicans were too polite and wimpy to suggest that Obama wasn’t smart enough to go to Harvard. Notably, Brody conveniently leaves out that bit of race-baiting in his homage to the Donald. He was too busy salivating over Trump’s exercise of “power” over the White House.

Remember, it was Brody who brought us another kind of baiting game with Trump — throwing him stupid questions about evangelicals’ “problems” with Islam, giving Trump space to talk about the Qur’an’s “negative vibe.” Perhaps next Trump will show America his power over an entire religion.

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