Did Scientologists Take Over the Today Show?

While I don’t expect hard-hitting news on an early morning news show that’s designed to perk people up, I would expect them to at least separate the fluff from the facts.

On Wednesday morning The Today Show ran a piece celebrating the work of Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers without addressing the concerns raised this organization’s “services,” which are designed by science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard. This story mentions that these counselors are providing “touch assists” without bothering to bring in a representative from the National Mental Health Association (NMHA) to debunk this pseudoscience.

Watch video:

Meanwhile, here’s a bit of reporting on the Scientologist’s goal to establish a permanent ministry in Haiti that raises some question about this controversial counseling practice. Furthermore, the Today Show story states that these ministers provided assistance after the September 11 attacks without noting the immense criticism of their efforts both In New York City and at other international disaster sites.

Earlier in the week, ABC News ran a similar soft sell story by showcasing John Travolta’s efforts to pilot a plane to Haiti filled with supplies and, of course, volunteer ministers. They failed to inquire as to the specific service that will be provided by these ministers. Once again, the nature of the services provided by the Church of Scientology remained fuzzy though it is clear that such stories only serve to give legitimacy to an organization’s activities that are fueled by science fiction not scientific facts.

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