DOMA Defeat Represents “Persecution,” Some Say

The Supreme Court has struck down DOMA in a landmark decision, citing that it was unconstitutional under the equal protection clause. As a result the ruling on Prop 8 in California has no standing, because the court has nullified the appellate court decision. For many, this is a wonderful day, but for conservative religious groups, it is one more proof of “persecution.”

Groups who defended Prop 8—such as the Alliance for Defense of Marriage—are taking the ground that Prop 8 is still the law of California, while other religious leaders at the courts this morning took a more conciliatory tone, hoping that now they might be able to have “a conversation” with gay couples, looking for some rapprochement. 

No matter anyone’s opinion, same-sex marriages can resume in the state of California immediately.

Now that the federal government will recognize same’sex marriages, it will no doubt press conservative Christians and others to assume that the “goverment” is persecuting them. Bryan Fischer already has weighed in with his invective, tweeting that “the Doma Ruling has made the normalization of polygamy pedophilia, incest and bestiality inevitable. Matter of time.”

One thing is certain—this SCOTUS decision will be a dividing line in religious groups across the country. While many of us celebrate the ruling, other see it as a slap in the face to religious freedom and biblical principles.

Those who say the religious right is dead are eating their words after this tumultuous week in America. While gay couples and lovers of equality are rejoicing, angry invective and sermons and fundraisers are being planned as we speak.