Eddie Long in Hot Water Again

Bishop Long and his church New Birth are in trouble again, this time over video gaming machines. Fox 5 Atlanta has an expose about Ephren Taylor, who Long introduced to the church as “his friend and brother,” allowing Taylor to make a financial presentation about investing in his video game machines. Parishioners who invested at their bishop’s recommendation, according to the report, “instead of making big profits, they found that Ephren Taylor’s company that sold them the sweepstakes game machines has been indicted for operating a gambling enterprise.”

Bishop Long, seeking restitution for his flock, made a video, imploring Taylor to return the funds.
Scandals have become business as usual with Bishop Long and New Birth church. These stories will continue in part because of the recent fail of Senator Grassley’s investigation of the prosperity purveyors. Grassley turned a serious investigation of fiscal malfeasance that could have suggested real changes in laws into a pat on the back for prosperity preachers. The Grassley investigation has been revealed to be political grandstanding, with a cherry on top for the wolves. Sadly, that is little consolation to the New Birth members.