Eddie Long Sexual Abuse Case Resolved In Secret

The lawsuit brought by young male congregants alleging sexual abuse by Eddie Long has been resolved. All parties involved will not do any interviews on any aspects of the case or the settlement, per a statement released by plaintiffs’ laywer B.J Bernstein’s representatives today. It would seem then, that Bishop Long’s legal team has been able to avoid going to trial; we’ll see what remains of Bishop Long’s ministry and New Birth church after the scandal.

The statement from the plaintiffs’ attorneys:

Regarding the lawsuits filed against Bishop Eddie Long, New Birth Baptist Church and the Longfellow Academy, plaintiffs’ attorney BJ Bernstein’s only comment is as follows: “The matter has been resolved.”

Neither attorney Bernstein nor the plaintiffs themselves will be available for interview on this matter, now or in the future.  There is no spokesperson for the plaintiffs’ team other than attorney Bernstein, and she will have no further comment on the case.