End of the World: An Update

As an update to a post I wrote earlier this week, the Colorado Springs Gazette has written an article about the picture my reporter friend there snapped alerting folks to the day of Tribulation.

The reporter interviewed Marie Exley, an unemployed woman who paid $1,200 to put up the sign on a park bench, alerting the people along the 10 Springs bus route that Christ will return May 21, 2011. The sign doesn’t say it, but the web site that it refers to let’s us know that Oct. 21, 2011 will be the day “when He will destroy the world and all that is therein.”

At the end of the article, there is what may be the saddest quote I have ever read in a news story:

Exley has bittersweet feelings about Camping’s prediction.

“There are things I felt I always wanted to do—get married, have a kid, travel more,” she said. “But it’s not about what I want out of life. It’s about what God wants.”