Every Republican Candidate Should Have to Address Gay Rights Face-to-Face

Yes, Mitt Romney belongs to a Church that has contributed or directed its members to contribute to anti-marriage equality efforts across the nation, from Alaska and Hawaii to Maine.

But after watching the video of Vietnam veteran Bob Garon (who is gay and married) having a direct conversation with Romney about gay rights in a New Hampshire diner, I want to see every single Republican candidate sit down with Garon and answer his question face-to-face:

“You do not feel that everyone is entitled to their Constitutional rights?”

Because then every candidate, from hardcore social conservatives Rick Santorum and MIchele Bachmann to slippery middle Jon Huntsman, would have to look Garon in the face and tell him that he and his husband do not deserve equality under the law.

It’s true that Romney brought his trademark brand of existential discomfort to the interaction. But in the face of Garon’s no-nonsense plainspokenness, every candidate in the field would have looked ridiculous expounding upon the special blend of legal and religious myth making that passes for anti-equality rationale.

One human being, facing another.



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