Fiorina Wins Social Conservative Hearts Over Planned Parenthood… and Trump

During last night’s debate, there was more evidence that the religious right is turning against Donald Trump, particularly because Carly Fiorina is positioning herself to be a heroine to the anti-abortion movement.

Fiorina’s claim that the secretly recorded Planned Parenthood videos contain an image of a “fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain” is not quite accurate, according to the Washington Post, although in one video, a technician “described witnessing a scene similar to Fiorina’s description.” But no matter—Fiorina’s full-throated condemnation of the reviled Planned Parenthood plays well with social conservatives.

Here’s Charmaine Yoest, president of the influential anti-abortion group Americans United for Life:

When I noted that Fiorina would be considered the debate winner among social conservatives because of the Planned Parenthood statement, Yoest added:

As I said yesterday….


  •' NancyP says:

    Fiorina has been ignored as a third-tier candidate, and there has not been a thorough opposition-research dump yet. I am waiting for the revelation by a disgruntled ex. She has no acknowledged biological children, she has had two marriages to men, and unless she is asexual, sterile due to congenital malformation/ intersex condition, or lesbian in a marriage of convenience, she has had to deal with her fertility at some point. At least some of the Republican primary voters would disapprove of 1. any birth control method other than abstinence or 2. any non-barrier method (Pill, IUD). And her age cohort has a 1 in 3 chance of having had an abortion. My guess is that she is prominent in the race now to serve the same function as Ben Carson – to reassure the voters that they aren’t racist and sexist, hey, they listened to and even liked a black person or a woman before voting in 2016 for the usual white male candidate. I don’t see either Carson or Fiorina as having staying power with the primary voters.

  •' apotropoxy says:

    The GOP’s field now hosts two silverbacks, neither of whom have any experience in the political arena. Their pack’s disintegration accelerates with every news cycle.

  •' nightgaunt says:

    Do we have a new Reich Wing version of Joan of Ark? That will lead the righteous armies to slay the devils? Or is she just a vampire ready to suck us like all the others, different faces, names, backgrounds, same old vamp—Republican?

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