Forgiving LeBron, Fetal Jesus Sonogram, and Hummus Wars

The best part of Christmas is the advertising. I don’t mean the Coca Cola commercials with Santa and polar bears. I mean stuff like a sonogram of fetal Jesus complete with halo and a tag line reminding us “He’s on His way.” I also always enjoy a good Christmas billboard duel. This season do we celebrate Reason or Jesus? And are those are only choices? Maybe we should settle on the friendlier “Reason’s Greetings.”

The only thing I like as much as Christmas is butter. Now, I can have them both thanks to one Iowa artist’s butter nativity scene. Best Christmas fund raiser ever. A nativity scene in Boulder, Colorado has provoked the ire of local atheists who argue that the scene’s placement on the steps of the City and County Building is a state endorsement of religion. They are protesting through—you guessed it—three billboards. Worst holiday display ever: KKK Snowman.

I’m also a big fan of Dreidelpalooza.

God is not a fan of the Buffalo Bills. Bills wide-receiver Stevie Johnson dropped a game winning touchdown pass on Sunday and then blamed God for the drop in his Twitter feed. He apparently realized that just because God doesn’t ‘follow’ him doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what the tweet said. He tweeted a recant on Monday evening. At least one football referee is not a fan of God. He called a penalty on a high school running back who took a knee to pray in the end zone after a touchdown.

A Bollywood Jesus film? It’s about time.

I thought Resisting the Green Dragon was going to be the long awaited sequel to Big Trouble in Little China. Turns out it’s a right-wing Christian anti-environmentalism DVD series. Bummer.

Hummus sparked a controversy between pro-Palestinian and Jewish students at DePaul University.

A federal judge has put a permanent hold on the Oklahoma ballot measure that prohibited Sharia law in state courts. In Saudi Arabia, the Mecca Clock Royal Tower is under construction. When finished it will be the second tallest building in the world. It is also located right next to the Kaaba, Islam’s holiest site. And there is now a video game rating system based on “the society, culture, and the special values of Islam.”

The Chaplain for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers is asking fans to forgive star LeBron James for taking his talents to South Beach and the Miami Heat.