Freshwater Becomes Martyr in 3…2…1…

Answers in Genesis has weighed in on last week’s firing of John Freshwater, the Ohio middle-school science teacher who taught students in public school that homosexuality is a sin, evolution is a lie and science can’t be trusted and then burned a cross into a kid’s arm with a Tesla coil.

AIG is the young earth creationist apologetics organization which is receiving state tax breaks to build a gigantic Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky. AIG’s defense of Freshwater, in which no mention of the cross-burning incident is made, is predictable:

Good historical science is based on correct knowledge of the past. The Bible provides this knowledge as it is the history book of the universe; any ideas about the past apart from the Bible are simply based on the opinion of man who was not there.

Georgia Purdom, the writer of the piece, concludes by demonstrating AIG’s contempt for the First Amendment and religious freedom:

But I encourage you to pray for Mr. Freshwater and others like him who truly are missionaries in our public school system.