Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween very nearly passed us by this year—unless you count the gremlins who got into our software stash and brought the site down over the weekend.

Our server company* let us know that eerie goings on had compromised their ability to re-vivify the site so we summoned a coder (contemporary shaman) who infused it with borrowed life.

And so RD carries on. With only the slightest hint of zombie in its affect.

Here, in the order in which the Ouija board instructed us to offer it, is an assortment of stories about ghosts, death, fundamentalists, and general spookiness.


Death Couture: Not for Halloween Only

De-exoticizing Mexico’s patron saint of death

Halloween, Evangelicals, and the Macabre

Reflections on our monstrous creations

The Fear is Real: A New View of Halloween Hell Houses

A 90-minute walk through the South Georgia woods offers violence, fear, and an Obama-like Antichrist

Jesus Goes to the Dark Carnival: Hell House Gets a Makeover

A demon guides you through the shadows. The bodies of teenagers are strewn about like broken dolls in the mangled remains of a car, bottles of Jim Beam tellingly scattered about the wreckage…

All Candy, No Jesus: Halloween in America

So where does one draw the line between “fun” and “evil?”

A Rationalist’s Ghost Story

Believe in Ghosts? No? Well, neither did writer Gary Jansen… until they showed up in his family house in Long Island.


* Not to be named here, but we’re delighted to share their number

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