Goodbye, Progressive Faith Coalition

I was going to make more or less the same point as Jim Naughton does about Sojourners‘ rejection of an ad promoting acceptance of the GLBT community in churches. Perhaps this will all get swept under the rug like Wallis’ terrible positions on reproductive rights do. But from this point forward, it becomes increasingly difficult for Wallis to paint himself as a leader of progressives, as Mr. Naughton says.

It’s also hard for me at least to see how Wallis keeps his mainline Protestant allies. Equality and inclusiveness are cherished values among mainliners, especially the left-leaning types. Given how little accountability there is for elites these days, this will probably get flushed down the memory hole, or at least that’s what Wallis ought to pray for. Otherwise, it’s not going to sit well with many of the people for whom he claims to speak.