Herman Cain: The Tea Party-Religious Right Candidate?

David Weigel reports that Herman Cain, formerly the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and now a radio host, will likely run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Among Tea Party activists, Weigel says, Cain is a “megastar.”

But Cain is popular with the religious right, too; will he be the Tea Party-religious right merger candidate? As I reported in February, Cain co-founded tvTownhall with religious right activist Allen Hardage, who told me “you cannot restore this country to the founding fathers’ vision and exclude the fact that they understood our rights and ability to grow as a nation from our reverence to God.”

At the tvTownhall website, the “about” link brings you to an extended biography (and beaming photograph) of Cain. There’s not a whole lot of action at the site apart from posting videos (but that hasn’t been updated since before the election). The site does show Tea Party and religious right comraderie: both the Family Research Council and Americans for Prosperity are sponsors.