Indiana Republicans Are Debating Gay Marriage… Amongst Themselves

Social conservatives are gearing up for a fight in Vice President Mike Pence’s home state to make sure the party doesn’t define “strong families” in a way that could include gay and lesbian families.

While the old party platform committed the state GOP to strong families “based on marriage between a man and a woman,” at the state convention this weekend, the party will vote on a new platform that supports “all loving adults who successfully raise and nurture children to reach their full potential every day.” It would be nice to conclude that Republicans are coming around on this issue, but the greater likelihood is that the state GOP has read the writing on the wall (i.e. the polling by Gallup) and recognized that even 4 years ago Americans supported same-sex adoption, 63% to 35%.

In any case, this is “compromise language,” according to party chairman Kyle Hupfer, though the religious right wants none of it. The American Family Association of Indiana called it “a weak statement of pure mush,” and dozens of Republican representatives have lined up to oppose the change.

“We should endorse God’s plan,” one delegate said, “one man, one woman for life as laid out by our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Pence is staying out of it, at least for now.