Inside The King’s College

Over at Killing the Buddha, Jonathan Fitzgerald has an account of his brief tenure at The King’s College, the evangelical college housed in the Empire State Building and bankrolled by Campus Crusade for Christ, and which recently appointed conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza as its president.

Fitzgerald’s piece caught my eye because I recently visited TKC myself, where I reported on the guest lecture by Christian anti-communist crusader David Noebel (see “McCarthy, Born Again, and Retooled for Our Time“).

Fitzgerald, who has written for RD and also edits Patrol magazine, is familiar with the inside workings of Christian colleges, but found TKC’s conservatism and methods extreme. “It wasn’t just that the culture of the school appeared to favor right-wing politics,” Fitzgerald writes, “conservatism seemed to be ingrained into its very character,” from its “God, Money, Power” tagline to the hiring of D’Souza, which “seems to push the college’s focus ever more toward the fringes of conservatism, making it even less likely that King’s students will receive the kind of education that allows them to seriously consider a wide range of ideas.”

As Fitzgerald recounts, a commenter at Patrol, a disgruntled TKC student, concluded, “Apparently, we’re supposed to think like Sean Hannity.”