It’s Bring Back the Holy Bible and Christian Prayer in Schools Month

Via Christian PR maven A. Larry Ross’s Twitter feed, I find an article in Charisma magazine about “Bring Back the Holy Bible and Christian Prayer in Schools Month.”

This isn’t a Congressional resolution, mind you (although I wouldn’t fault you for drawing such a conclusion). The BBTHBACPISM is the brainchild of one Pastor Steven Andrew, president of Christian Ministries USA, who is, according to Charisma, “working to make it a year-round reality.”

God help us.

Andrew calls the separation of church and state a “lie,” which is clear evidence that he should certainly not be giving advice on what children learn in public schools. Other monthly “celebrations” Andrew has declared include Affirm the USA’s Covenant with God (July) and God in US History Month (May). Andrew must have missed that part of American history, or civics, or constitutional law, or Schoolhouse Rock where they taught about the Establishment Clause. Because he believes that Jesus is the king of America. That’s right, and you can get a bumper sticker from Andrew if you think so too.

Separation of church and state is not only a lie, Andrew tells Charisma, but it’s a “sin against God:”

“American blessings will come by obeying God. We have seen the difference between God’s blessings for obedience and His judgments for disobedience. Test scores, morality and the economy improve with Christian education,” Andrew says.

“Why should the 80 percent Christian majority pay for public schools if Jesus and our Founding Fathers’ Christian faith isn’t taught? Our Founding Fathers fought for God’s unalienable rights of Christian life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom comes from obeying God,” Andrew says. “Let’s get active to bring back the Holy Bible and Christian prayer to schools.”

Don’t forget, though, that these kinds of ominous warnings of God’s wrath can be very entertaining. Andrew tells visitors to his website to join in Bible Blitz USA, “a fun way to share God’s love and truth.”