Jihad of Islamophobes

Following on the successful #MySubwayAd campaign (disclosure: I was one of the organizers) to mock the racist ads members of the Islamophobia industry placed in New York City’s public transit system, Ahmed Rehab of CAIR-Chicago launched his own campaign, #MyJihad, designed as an “opportunity to get to the heart of the problem and to reclaim the word ‘Jihad.’”

He engaged with professional Islamophobe Robert Spencer, who apparently admits to practicing “jihad” himself. In response to Rehab asking what everyone’s “jihad” is, Spencer replied “mine is countering your hate & defamation w/ truth abt Islam & Hamas-linked CAIR.”

By coming out and saying he practices “jihad,” we are left with two choices: by his definition he hates America and should be arrested, or he has been manipulating the meaning of the word to make money by demonizing a group of Americans (therefore hating on America).

Either way, we now have confirmation from Spencer’s own mouth that he is not to be trusted. You’ll also note in the tweet that he’s out to get all Muslims, not just certain “bad” ones, which has been the normal defense of the Islamophobia Industry.

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