Kaleidoscope Podcast Launches; RD to Feature Exclusive Extras

RD contributor Deborah Jian Lee‘s new podcast, Kaleidoscope, has launched and is set to feature a deeply engaging series of conversations on religion with “the people often left out of these conversations.”

Seamlessly blending the intimate with the political, Lee and her team leave the listener feeling as though she’s just had a great chat over a pot of coffee even as Lee and her guests are boldly challenging core assumptions about gender, race, and religion.

“For too long, communities of color, women, LGBTQ people and other marginalized groups have been excluded from conversations about faith and politics,” Lee told Beacon Press in a recent interview. Like RD, Kaleidoscope is committed to telling the stories of those who are often ignored or treated merely as problems to be solved.

RD will also be posting exclusive material from interviews that won’t be found anywhere else here, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast using the links below and remember to sign up for RD in your mailbox now.