Kudlow Brags on Twitter About Helping Card. Dolan Write “Free Market” Oped

CNBC host Larry Kudlow is bragging on Twitter that he helped Cardinal Timothy Dolan with his recent paean to free-market capitalism in the Wall Street Journal (note to Mr. Kudlow, there is a reason they call it “ghostwriting”):

Kudlow is a former Reagan Administration official who is well known for his support of supply-side economics (a support that, according to Pope Francis, “expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power”) and the wonders of the free market. He is a regular contributor to the WSJ, the National Review and the Cato Journal.

Kudlow was converted to his particular brand of capitalistic Catholicism by Father John McCloskey, an Opus Dei priest who also takes credit for “guiding” Newt Gingrich, Robert Bork, Robert Novak and Sam Brownback to Catholicism and has been described as the “priest to Washington’s conservative establishment.” McCloskey is currently a fellow with the Faith and Reason Institute in Washington, DC.

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