Louisiana Panel Votes in Favor of Science Textbooks

Last week, parents in Louisiana raised objections over the fact that science books proposed for adoption in that state would teach kids about (the horror!) evolution. As Winston White, one of the residents who complained about the books, said, “It’s like Charles Darwin and his theory is a saint. You can’t touch it.”

On Friday, Louisiana’s textbook advisory panel listened to the public complaints and there’s some good news. By an 8-4 vote, the panel recommended the books be adopted. This was surprising considering the fact that two of the primary sponsors of the Louisiana Science Education Act, a slippery state anti-evolution law that encourages teachers and school districts to teach creationism and intelligent design, sit on the panel. Sen. Ben Nevers and Rep. Frank Hoffman both voted against recommendation.

The Louisiana Family Forum, which calls itself a champion of “traditional values” and is affiliated with Focus on the Family, is behind the attack on the textbooks. Most of the complaints seem to have come from its membership.

Louisiana Coalition for Science and philosophy professor Barbara Forrest wrote a post about it titled Hell Just Froze Over in Louisiana. But the fight isn’t over. Creationists could still win the day. The life science textbooks now go before the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education on Dec. 7 for final approval.