Manhattan Declaration Asks: What If Jesus Had Been Aborted?

Over at the website of the Manhattan Declaration, this is treated as a serious question in honor of Christmas:

If Christ were never born, our history, our surrounding, every culture, and even the earth would be a vastly different place. Think about it, if Christ were never born, there would be no reason to have Christmas and your very birth is questionable (would your parents have met?).

The post goes on to list a number of world events, inventions, and creations that the writer claims never would have happened if Jesus had been aborted, including:

  • there would have been no Cathedrals in Europe, no Sistine Chapel, and “further, no Vatican at all;”
  • Bach and Mozart wouldn’t have been as awesome as they were;
  • Columbus wouldn’t have discovered America;
  • “the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and America’s legal and political foundation are dramatically influenced by Jesus birth” and therefore the United States would not have been founded;
  • Israel would be “a different place;” what’s more, “America would not be the biggest Alli [sic] and protector of Israel without the conviction of Christian leaders in the US who have historically believed that Christians should support God’s Chosen People;”
  • we would not have wine;
  • there would be no Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Martin Luther King Day, or Columbus Day (of course)!

I posted this bit of nonsense to my Twitter account, and here are some selected excellent responses:

Happy holidays, everyone. I’m taking a little break, and will be back after the new year.