Mitt Out-Mans Trump by Rejecting Birther Nonsense

Word has it that Donald Trump isn’t joking about a 2012 presidential candidacy: he’s interviewed campaign staff, reached out to evangelicals, and, last Sunday, made his Tea Party rally debut in Boca Raton, Florida.

And what better way to grab the Republican spotlight than by casting aspersions on Islam, which, as Trump told the Christian Broadcasting Network, has a “very negative vibe,” and by questioning Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship. In recent polls, Trump leads the field with 37% of birther Republicans ranking him their top pick.

All of which confirms Mitt Romney as the sanest and most decent individual in the Big Mo-Publican Primary 2012. So far.

(We’re holding our breath for recovering progressive-rock long-hair, Jon Huntsman, Jr., to make it official and to make it a truly Big Mo-Publican Primary, but Huntsman’s fledgling campaign may have experienced another minor setback this week when two letters from Huntsman buttering up Presidents Clinton and Obama were leaked to the press.)

Last week, Romney declared, “I believe the president was born in the United States,” winning high praise from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews for being a “man” and “having the guts to tell the truth” on the birther issue.

Maybe it’s just my Mo-partisan streak showing, but there’s something deeply reassuring about a presidential candidate who has never been and will never be a reality show magnate or a cable news talking head.

Here’s hoping a few Republican voters feel the same way.