Monty Python does Religion

I am convinced that the pastor in Florida named Terry Jones is in fact the Terry Jones of Monty Python in disguise. First he wants to burn the Qur’an, now he wants to put it on trial.

Think about it for a second. Put a book on trial. It’s like putting a rock on trial. It doesn’t really do anything. Perhaps he wants to compare it to the Bible to see which is more violent? But what does that do? The film Holy Wars makes the great point that you have crazies of all stripes, and they will find whatever justification they want for their insanity. Will he put the text on trial to see if it’s true? A Scopes Trial for the Qur’an? Is it to see if the Qur’an is “truer” than the Bible? Better minds than his are involved in a better discussion of this issue.

Any can of worms he opens regarding the Qur’an will affect our popular understanding of the Bible as well. It doesn’t matter if he considers the Qur’an scripture, the fact of the matter is once you put any scripture on trial, you put all of them on trial. The only way Pastor Terry Jones makes sense is if he says “and now for something completely different.”