Mormon Doctrine (1958–2010), RIP.

I’m holding in my hand my black hardcover copy of Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie, one of Mormonism’s most influential books, an all-time Mormon bestseller, which went out of print this week.  

A book written, I’m sure, with the best of intentions by a revered Mormon leader. And, still, a book that continued to circulate even after other high-ranking Mormon leaders recommended more than one thousand corrections to its content.  

A book that called Roman Catholicism the “Church of the Devil.” And a book that elevated to doctrinal status non-doctrinal folklore about the origins of the LDS Church’s ban on conveying priesthood authority to members of African descent, claiming that blacks were the descendents of the accursed Cain.  

A book that due to its authoritative presentation and doctrinal fundamentalism gave many Mormons reasons for grief.  

Mormon Doctrine (1958 – 2010), RIP.