National Association of Evangelicals Lobbyist: Same-Sex Sponsorships Won’t Happen In Immigration Reform

The National Association of Evangelicals, set to unveil an ad in tomorrow’s Roll Call supporting immigration reform, would not support a framework, like the one proposed by Democrats two weeks ago, that would allow gay and lesbian citizens to sponsor their partners for citizenship.

Galen Carey, the NAE’s Director of Government Affairs, told me today that, like the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the NAE would oppose inclusion of such a provision in an immigration reform plan. “We also would oppose that and I am quite sure that won’t be in the final legislation,” said Carey. “Immigration is hard enough on its own that we don’t need to bring in an issue like that.”

He added, “we’ve talked with Senator Schumer and he said that he would bring it up at a separate time.”