NC Pastor Says Gays Should Be “Penned Up With a Fence”

The recent vote in North Carolina opposing Same Sex marriage has unleashed a stream of invectives from fundamentalist pastors hoping to one-up each other on their homophobia. None, however, could outdo the most recent contestant to the fray, Pastor Charles Worley, who said that lesbians and gays should be “penned up with a fence, and food dropped down to them. In a couple of years, they would die, because they can’t reproduce.”

Meanwhile, don’t bother to look up the church’s website. Thankfully, the web designer removed the church’s webpage from their servers in retaliation for Worley’s hate filled sermon.

I was interviewed by Martin Bashir about Pastor Worley for the Last Word on MSNBC last night. Needless to say, I’m receiving a lot of email and tweets about homosexuality and the scripture, both in support and in condemnation of Worley. The takeaway is, Pastor Worley’s statements have nothing to do with scripture, and America is not a theocracy, no matter how hard some of its citizens may try to make it so.

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