New Bailout For Hypocrites

I suppose religious right organizations have been too busy fighting the right of gay and lesbian Americans to get married to notice what was going on in Washington, but the American Family Association is just now noticing that government spending has gone wild inside the Beltway.

Our government now owes more money than all of us in the country put together possess. We now owe nearly $57 trillion while our net worth is $56.5 trillion.

President-elect Barack Obama has said that we can expect a trillion dollars in additional debt each year as far as the eye can see into the future. Soon Obama will ask Congress for an additional trillion dollars to bail out certain large companies.

Remember when they gave $350 billion to the banks? That money is gone and guess what? The banks cannot or will not tell us what they did with it.

Obama’s plan, being promoted by Democrats and Republicans alike, is to pass out money, running up debt that our grandchildren will be forced to pay. Their solution is simple. Throw more money at the problem.

It’s interesting that the AFA mentions the first bailout, without mentioning any names—only saying that “they” gave out all that money —implying this was Obama’s idea all along. The AFA certainly doesn’t mention the name of their beloved Republican President George W. Bush who pushed through that monstrous load of debt without any oversight on where the money would go. When that bailout first came up, there were no AFA action alerts being sent out calling it immoral to push this debt onto the backs of our grandchildren.

No, it’s only when a Democratic president begins to push an economic bailout plan that will spend tons of money that they start moaning about how irresponsible the government has become.

Hypocrisy, much?

Oh, and if that’s not enough – they use this email alert to remind folks they too in the business of taking and spending your money – if you’ll only make “a small tax deductible donation.”

Even my grandson, who’s already in hock up to his two-year-old eyeballs, could see right through this charade.

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