Ordain Women Transforms Mormon Feminism

One year ago today, Ordain Women celebrated the creation of the Relief Society on March 17, 1842 by launching its website with 19 profiles of individuals calling for the ordination of Mormon women. Today it has more than 250 profiles—and has completely transformed Mormon feminism.

I continue to be impressed and pleased with the extremely thoughtful work Laurie Goodstein and Jodi Kantor are doing on Mormon women. I recommend a conversation on “The Evolving Role of Mormon Women” they had last week with Doug Fabrizio of KUER, the NPR affiliate at the University of Utah—it explains some of the thinking behind their recent NY Times piece. But I was surprised when they downplayed the importance of efforts by Ordain Women and other feminist organizations. (Even as Meridian magazine goes into hysterics at the way the NY Times “lined up to help them.”)