Packing Heat At Unitarian-Universalist Service


A Milwaukee woman who showed up at a Brookfield church Sunday toting a loaded Glock 9mm handgun told parishioners she was doing so to make a point.

But members of the Unitarian Universalist Church West made a point of their own when they called police on the woman, who was arrested after driving away with the gun on the passenger seat of her vehicle.

You can’t transport a loaded weapon in Wisconsin, hence the arrest. Open carry is a bit murkier: it’s recently been green-lighted by Wisconsin Attorney General James Van Hollen, but so far, there haven’t been any test cases to determine whether churches or other private assemblies can ban firearms.

Also so far, no more word on the unidentified woman’s motives than what’s mentioned above. A poster in the comments claims to have been at the service, and says that the woman “had come to church because of the sermon on civil rights & civility.”

Given the ugly racial and sexual rhetoric that’s been floating around our political discourse of late, not to mention the embrace of violent fringe elements, not to mention UU’s recent history with guns in church, am I the only one who thinks making this point was a really, really bad idea? Or that it makes Bobby Jindal’s “bring-your-gun-to-church” law an even worse idea?