Pagan Soccer Mom Wins Blog Contest Despite “Biblical Womanhood” Opposition

The Circle of Moms blog focuses on many aspects of mothering; the topics range from the innocuous (cooking, photography, baby names) to potentially controversial (adoption and LGBT issues). But it’s a safe bet this community didn’t expect a “best blog” competition to devolve into a witch hunt—literally.

The “Faith Blog” category seemed dominated by homeschooling, “Biblical Womanhood,” “Biblical Patriarchy,” and so-called family values moms, and who apparently thought they own the category of faith (though Circle of Moms doesn’t exhibit any signs of being explicitly religious).

It turns out that someone in the community of Pagan and Witch moms, many of whom also homeschool, nominated Mrs. B at the blog Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom.

Then many of the biblical women got concerned about witches and pagans in the contest, expressing shock and horror. They organized to vote for the Christians and apparently did so in a rather ugly manner. (The links to those posts and comments have been removed.)

What was supposed to be a competition over quality work turned into a race between the Christians and the Pagans. But what happened next might be even funnier. A number of the Christian bloggers, appalled at what their “sisters in Christ” were saying, started posting supportive comments and even apologies on the Pagan blogs, and voting for them in the competition.

In the end, Mrs. B came in first; six of the top ten blogs were Pagan/Wicccan; several others made the top twenty-five. Isn’t it nice when the girls get together to tell the bullies they’re not in charge?